We are committed to the revitalization & enhancement of Downtown Albuquerque's core through the engagement of the Millennial generation.

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What we've been up to?

These are highlighted initiatives that our team is working on to make Albuquerque awesome!


Innovate ABQ

Innovate ABQ, a collaborative initiative among UNM, STC, government and the business community, is an idea whose time has come. It is a plan that will create a highly connected community where people can live, work and play. Innovate ABQ brings together the research power of the state's flagship university with Albuquerque's entrepreneurial and established business community to create new companies, grow existing ones and attract more out-of-state business...

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Permitting & Regulations Committee

The Downtown ABQ Millennial Project encourages the activity, engagement, and vision of Albuquerque's Millennial generation to make downtown a vibrant and revitalized community that is the locus of innovation, art, and activity in the City...


The Green Group

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What would you ♥ Downtown to become?

Albuquerque has a unique opprotunity to dramatically shape the direction of it's downtown. As millenials, the future of our city is whatever we want to make it. This is your opprotunity to make your voice heard.

Do you want to see more public art around the core? Would you like to see more clothing stores or boutiques? Are you satisfied with the nightlife? Take this opprotunity to join the conversation and make your voice heard.

Most Popular Ideas

These items were voted on by you as having the most importance for the direction of downtown. If you don't see your issue as one of the top five, share it with your friends and vote it up:


Free Parking on the weekends

(54 Votes)


Re-time stoplights

(26 Votes)


Develop an incentivized program/strategy for converting eligible Class C office space into residential.

(23 Votes)


Show classic movies in Civic Plaza and invite food trucks

(17 Votes)


Create pleasant places in smaller areas that create an “oasis” for pedestrians in Downtown Albuquerque.

(12 Votes)